Currently in Beta 🌸🌸

Getting Started

Learn how to get Ghost up and running on your local machine.

What is Ghost

Ghost is a small, (soon to be) class-based scripting language.

Installing Ghost


If you're on Mac, you may use homebrew:

$ brew tap ghost-language/ghost
$ brew install ghost-language/ghost/ghost

Go Install

If you have Go installed, you may use go install:

$ go install

Direct Download

You may download the compiled binaries for your platform from our GitHub releases page.

Building Ghost

If you're on a Unix or Mac machine, you can easily download the source code and build directly:

git clone
cd ghost

This downloads and builds the latest version of Ghost found on GitHub. You will be put inside a fresh instance of ghost if everything was successful.

Interactive Mode

If you just run ghost without any arguments, it starts the interpreter in interactive mode (aka, REPL mode, read-eval-print loop). You can type in a line of code, and immediately execute it. While in this mode, your state is saved until you exit the program. Meaning if you define a variable, you may reference the variable later on.

Ready to give Ghost a spin?

print("Hello, world!")

Once you have Ghost setup and installed, you're ready to jump into learning the language.