Getting Started

Ghost is under heavy active development

While we strive to keep our documentation up to date, it's possible that it may fall out of sync with the latest developments on GitHub.

What is Ghost

Ghost is a small, (soon to be) class-based scripting language.

Installing Ghost


If you're on Mac, you may use homebrew:

$ brew tap ghost-language/ghost
$ brew install ghost-language/ghost/ghost

Go Install

If you have Go installed, you may use go install:

$ go install github.com/ghost-language/ghost

Direct Download

You may download the compiled binaries for your platform from our GitHub releases page.

Building Ghost

If you're on a Unix or Mac machine, you can easily download the source code and build directly:

git clone https://github.com/ghost-language/ghost
cd ghost

This downloads and builds the latest nightly version of Ghost found on GitHub. You will be put inside a fresh instance of ghost if everything was successful.

Interactive Mode

If you just run ghost without any arguments, it starts the interpreter in interactive mode (aka, REPL mode, read-eval-print loop). You can type in a line of code, and immediately execute it. While in this mode, your state is saved until you exit the program. Meaning if you define a variable, you may reference the variable later on.

Ready to give Ghost a spin?

print("Hello, world!")

Once you have Ghost setup and installed, you're ready to jump into learning the language.